Amazon Alexa Skills developed by StreamGuys

Custom Alexa Skills

Bring your station back into the home of listeners with a custom Alexa skill

StreamGuys is now developing skills for broadcasters. Skills are custom applications for Alexa-enabled devices such as the Amazon Echo, Tap and Dot. The ones we’ve created so far have received outstanding feedback! Creating an Alexa skill allows you to customize the words that users speak to launch your content. It can be hard for users to find a station if it's listed by the call letters only. If there are multiple stations with the same name, you want to make sure yours is the one that comes up. Both webcasters and traditional radio stations will need to create a skill quickly to secure their name.

Creating a skill allows you to have control over the user experience, as well as add more features and functionality around your content. For example, recordings from one of your DJs or hosts can replace Alexa’s voice in the skill.

We can even add your podcasts and archives into the skill with easy voice navigation between episodes. For example, you can hear previous episodes of New Orleans Music Show by saying, "Alexa, tell WWOZ to play The New Orleans Music Show." If you want to hear a previous episode, say, "Alexa, next."

This is a huge platform for the future of your listening audience. Get in on the ground floor!

Getting Certified

Help us figure out what content you want Alexa to play and how you want your users to interact with Alexa.

We will work with you to develop a skill that will excite and engage your audience in new and impactful ways!

Once we have got your skill developed and tested appropriately, we'll submit the skill to Amazon for certification.

This process can take a few days, but Amazon usually gets back to us within a business day.

Once Amazon has approved the newly created Skill, it will become available in the Amazon Alexa Skills Store and available for your users to enable!

Your users will be able to enable your newly created skill by adding it to their account on the Alexa Skill store, or simply by asking "Alexa, install WWOZ."