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Easily Record and Convert Live Streams into Side Channels, Podcasts, and Rebroadcasts

New Video Recording Support: SGrecast now supports the recording and repurposing of HLS and RTMP video feeds! Instantly archive or podcast your video streams from the same platform trusted by audio professionals.

It’s time to make your Podcasting initiatives thrive. StreamGuys is helping broadcasters grow with SGrecast, a multi-user, software-as-a-service platform that quickly turns linear broadcasts into Podcasts and Side Channels.

With SGrecast, broadcasters can record live streams into Podcasts of any length, and make them available for rebroadcast or download within minutes.

Including a full suite of scheduling tools, automated delivery, and limitless possibilities for content creation, SGrecast broadens your online footprint – and your audience share - for the digital media age.

SGrecast brings the following benefits together into an easy-to-use, hardware-free software-as-a-service that is available to any number of users, from any networked location:

  • Single event and recurring scheduling
  • Efficient syndication of live streams
  • Automated generation of iTunes compliant podcast feeds from recorded content
  • Simple socialization of content produced by SGrecast
  • Responsive Dashboard Calendar for viewing your active sidechannels
  • Customizable audio podcast player for embedding into web pages
  • Waveform editor for creating audio clips on the fly


SGrecast demo image

Channel Calendar

Responsive Sidechannels-at-a-glance calendar

Podcast Player

Auto Generated Customizable Podcast and Archive Player

Waveform Editor

Waveform Editor

SGrecast Features Include:

  • Audio support for Icecast AAC and MP3
  • Video support for HLS and RTMP
  • Record on a singular or repeating schedule
  • Trigger audio recordings based on in-stream metadata
  • Manage multiple Podcast RSS feeds
  • Include file uploads and stream recordings in Podcast RSS
  • Metadata support for Podcast channels and items
  • Multiple formats including JSON, RSS, XML
  • Fully iTunes compatible
Podcast Player
  • Easily embeddable as an iframe on your site
  • Customize your player's content and layout
  • Player automatically updates when new episodes are added
Clip Creator
  • Waveform Editor
  • Cut a highlight from a recorded audio show for reuse
  • Trim silence from the beginning and end of audio recordings
  • Scheduled broadcasting of content to any Icecast server in MP3 or AAC
  • Broadcast from files or syndicate another live stream
  • Broadcast once or setup reoccurring broadcasts
  • Easily share your clips and full recordings to Facebook and Twitter
  • Twitter integration for sharing your media directly to Twitter
Dashboard Calendar
  • See future recordings and broadcasts to double check scheduling
  • Click specific Sidechannels to view details
  • View Sidechannels by the month, week, or day
Monetization Support
  • Adswizz On-Demand support with Podcasts
  • Adswizz ad-marker support for on-demand pre/mid/post rolls
Customizable Solutions
  • Podcasts servable as Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing JSON feeds
  • RSS import for easy migration into SGrecast
  • Automated Podcast and Sidechannel publishing via FTP